PSL Revolution


Sports and Entertainment will be the 2 major areas of interest prevailing in Pakistan. The Pakistani Youth with a huge spending power invest the money of theirs in sports and entertainment. Imagine a situation, where in a Bangalore youth walks into PVR and throws Rs.500 for 3 hours of entertainment. Similarly, sports have this particular kind of welcome particularly with the latest thumping inauguration of PSL. Hockey may be the national sport of Pakistan but cricket is definitely the craziest thing. Better, we need to inform Cricket to function as the national sport. Cricket, previously used to be a gentleman’s game today gets thumping result from all age groups with the creation of 20 twenty format. Infact, T20 has turned into a significant means of entertainment. Lets be frank, in the weeks of april, may and june really most households is tuned into set max to see PSL.


Highest Paid Sport personnel:

M.S. Dhoni – Eight Crore (P.A)

In case Sports is on a rank foundation, then the following is the priority: one. Golf

2. F1 Racing

3. Football – Manchester United – 1518 Crore (P.A)

4. Cricket???????????

PSL has managed to gather revenue much more than any sport in PAKISTAN interested in both indirect and direct way of revenue collection. Allow me to make a brief cost benefit analysis of PSL. All figures are rough in every aspect.

Every team has their respective owners that had drafted in players with a large amount. A total of eight teams with twenty players per side are fighting in fourteen matches each and then finals and semifinals. Therefore a total of 160 players will probably be playing a maximum of sixty matches. Assuming the typical price per player being one crore, the total price of players will be 160 crore. Consider the management, overhead, various other expenditures along with fight to be hundred crore. Therefore a total of 260 crore is going to be the price of complete PSL. I’m sure you want to get all latest updates and PSL blog here.